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bed-bugBed bugs are now growing thicker skins and finding new ways to survive commonly used pesticides.

Scientists have recently discovered that bed bugs are actually developing a thicker cuticle (outer layer of skin). The chemical pesticides commonly used to treat them isn’t as easily absorbed by  the bugs, which makes it far less effective , no matter how much is used. More bugs are surviving, mating, and creating more infestations.

How Pesticides Are Influencing their Evolution

Bed bugs have unlocked a genome that helps keep the chemical’s molecules from being able to attach themselves to the proper channels in the bug’s body, drastically reducing the success of killing it right away. Bed bugs also have unlocked another genome that causes a break down of the pesticide so even if it does get absorbed, it still won’t affect them. This allows these genetically mutated bugs more time to pass on these nifty and ever-evolving brand-new attributes to future generations!

Insecticide resistance is not a brand-new phenomenon, on the contrary, it’s actually an inevitable situation that happens when we use the same chemicals time and time again that are intended to get rid of faults. After the uncovering of this newest adaptation, scientists are now recommending non-pesticide and natural treatments in order to bypass these new defense mechanisms.

Natural Bed Bug Treatments: Bed Bug Patrol

The biggest problem with using pesticides, is that toxic chemicals cannot be made to be more poisonous than what they are without becoming hazardous to use, because they often contain carcinogens and other toxic chemicals.

Here’s where natural medications come in, such as Bed Bug Patrol.

The only pleasant smelling, 100% natural , non-pesticide solution works to actively dissolve the bed bug’s outer cuticle, leaving the adult bed bugs, larvae, and eggs to dehydrate.

Bed Bug Patrol kills bed bugs from the outside- in, making it difficult for them to build an effective genetic defence.

One of the great added benefits with using Bed Bug Patrol is the peace of mind knowing that potentially harmful side effects to humans and pets are being avoided, while the treatment is still incredibly effective on the true pests, bed bugs.


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