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Easy To Use

  • Locate Bed Bugs – Inspect all areas of each room for evidence of bed bugs.  Leave nothing unturned.  Check bed, bed frame, furniture, base boards, rugs, behind switch plates, and wall art.
  • Prepare the Area – Thoroughly clean the each area.  Strip and wash all linens & bedding in hot (120º   or more) water.  Vacuum up any bed bugs found, paying special attention to seams and folds on mattresses and box springs.  Dispose of vacuum bag or canister contents off premises ASAP!  Disinfect any hard surfaces with Benzarid.
  • Attack Bed Bugs Where They Hide – Using a hand held steamer, combat bed bugs by thoroughly steaming anywhere you have seen evidence of bed bugs.  Make sure steam is getting into all cracks and crevices.
  • Treat the Bed – Carefully treat the folds, seams and tufts of mattresses and box springs, headboards, footboards, and bed frames with hand held steamer.  Lightly apply Bed Bug Patrol bed bug killer spray to all areas you just steamed.
  • Treat the Furniture – Appy Bed Bug Patrol bed bug killer spray and Crawling Insect Control Dust to all the cracks and crevices of furniture, walls and floors. Note: Be sure to check for hollow legs and spray underneath furniture.
  • Trap the Bed Bugs – Install bed bug traps (tacky side up) below furniture, anywhere legs or feet of furniture touch the ground.
  • Follow Up in 2 Weeks – Repeat steps if bed bugs are persisting.

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